Head Shot Photographer Wellington

We offer professional headshots and portrait photography in the Wellington Region. Our aim is to capture the energy and unique qualities of the person in a single headshot. We love what we do!

Let’s be real, having headshots taken can feel awkward and unnatural. It’s difficult to just look into a camera and be your best self on command. Having someone behind the camera who knows what they’re doing can make it easier for you to relax and be yourself. A good, professionally done headshot shouldn’t just represent you visually, it should convey who you are professionally and artistically, and give a sense of your energy. Using a professional headshot photographer will ensure that you come away with photographs that not only look great, but also showcase your personality and style.

A headshot MUST demonstrate what YOU need others to know about you. It’s our responsibility to ensure that the image says what you need it to say and brings out the best you.