Corporate Photography Wellington

Adiz Creative Studio offers corporate photography in Wellington, including executive portraits, professional headshots, services for corporate meetings, and group shots at any business location. Our imagery uses a blend of carefully crafted photo lighting techniques supported by the latest cutting-edge photographic equipment. Adiz Creative Studio understands its subjects and can work under tight deadlines to deliver quality finished digital images.

Portrait photographer

Corporate portrait photography requires pre-planning in order to get the best digital image captures and to convey the message you want to put out there. How a business professional dresses is very important for a portrait sitting. Business attire which is tailored can say a lot about a person. The colour of a man’s tie or of a woman’s dress also say something also convey particular messages. Red is a power colour, and implies you mean business. Blue conveys trust, stability, and confidence. Green symbolizes practicality and reliability, and implies being down to Earth.

Executive Photos Wellington

We don’t put a limit on how many photos we shoot for corporate headshots, we take as many as are needed. Some people warm to the camera quickly, while others need more time to relax, and we are happy to accommodate them during their corporate portraits. As a Wellington-based corporate portrait photographer we love helping people achieve their greatness by empowering them in conversation and capturing great images.