How to plan your Pre-wedding Photoshoot

just the hands of bride and groom with engagement ring in focus

Your love story theme

Do you have a particular theme you’re after? Oriental vintage themed photoshoot, pop colors, what about a casual day-at-home theme? The theme you want will influence your outfit and probably the location you choose! Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine.

Props for photoshoot

A flower bouquet is a must! Flowers makes a big difference. Especially when the bride is dressed in white and the groom in blue/black, that little yellow or pink or red adds a tint of sweetness to your photos.
Alternatively, you could bring your picnic basket with colorful fruits, sandwich, wine and picnic mat, and do a picnic shoot in the park.
Here are some other small little ideas for props: LOVE alphabets, chalkboards, Mr. & Mrs. chairs.

5 Reasons for a Post-Wedding Session

bride and groom dressed in traditional indian costumes posing in dabbing style

Everyone knows about engagement or bridal sessions, but post-wedding sessions? Nah, they aren’t that well-known. I’m here to tell you all about them & give you the knowledge to decide if having one is right for your wedding.
So what the heck is a post-wedding session? Post-wedding sessions are just like an engagement session but you’ve got your fancy wedding day attire on. There are so many reasons why post-wedding sessions rock. Continue on for my top 5 reasons for a post-wedding session!

You want lots of wedding portraits but you’d rather spend your wedding day with friends & family

One of the best things about a wedding is seeing all the people you love in one spot. You get to hug, dance, drink, & cheers to your favorite people! It’s truly a unique time in your life & you will probably never see all those people together again.
That’s why I completely understand when some clients want to skimp on the portrait time so they have more time to spend with their family. You want to go to the cocktail hour & visit with guests? Heck yeah, I’m all for it! But if you value your wedding portraits, you should definitely make time for them. With a post-wedding session, you make time days, weeks, or even months after your wedding!
Spend most of your wedding day with friends & family and get a large amount of wedding portraits? Yes! You can have your cake & eat it too.