What is a post-wedding session, anyway? Post-wedding sessions are just like an engagement session, except that you’re wearing our wedding finery. There are many reasons why post-wedding sessions rock. Continue on for my top 5 reasons for a post-wedding session!

Spend most of your wedding day with friends & family

Like other major life events, weddings pose an opportunity for you to have all the people you love in one spot. Weddings provide a festive, celebratory atmosphere where you get to hug, dance, drink, & toast to your favourite people! It’s a unique time in your life, and one that will gives you a rare chance to interact with far-flung family and friends.
Faced with the choice of spending the most time you can with your guests or having the time to get lots of great wedding portraits, it’s no surprise that many couples consider scheduling a post-wedding session. Post-wedding sessions can be scheduled days, weeks, or months after the wedding itself, at a time that’s convenient for you, freeing you up on your wedding day to participate fully in the celebration.
Spend most of your wedding day with friends & family and get a large amount of wedding portraits? Yes! You can have your cake & eat it too.

Post-wedding sessions are much more relaxed

When I say you can let your hair down, I mean it both literally & figuratively. Post-wedding sessions are much more relaxed because you don’t have anywhere to be or a schedule to follow. Lots of brides opt for wedding day hairstyles carefully constructed to withstand the challenges of heat, rain, and dancing to the YMCA at the reception. When you’re having a post-wedding session you can opt for softer, more natural styles that look more like ‘you’, since they don’t have to hold their shape for hours under difficult conditions.
The most stressful thing about having bridal sessions before the wedding is that everyone gets worried about getting the dress dirty before the big day arrives. Let’s face it, white dresses get dirty. Walking on clean floors, sidewalks, or anything, is probably going to affect the bottom of your dress. You might surprise yourself with how much you care about this.
After the wedding is over, the pressure’s off, though. You and your dress looked great for the ceremony, and if you plan on preserving it you’ll have to get it cleaned anyway. That means you can feel relaxed about the idea of shooting portraits in your finery in a field or some other location, or sitting on outdoor surfaces.

Post-wedding photography session gives you the time and flexibility

Great Smoky Kaitoke Regional Park? Oriental Bay? That little park you visited when you first started dating? The options are endless. Maybe you’re getting married at a church but you prefer lots of greenery in your photos. Or maybe you’re getting married out in a barn but want to celebrate the downtown where you went on your first date together.
Scheduling a post-wedding photography session gives you the time and flexibility to have any sort of photos you want, free from the often rigid schedule that goes along with having a wedding.

Take advantage of the spectacular location

If you’re planning a wedding in some spectacular location, a post-wedding session is great way to take advantage of where you and to get some great photos. If you’re scheduling a post-wedding session, it’s a good idea to do it as soon as possible so we can schedule it within our travel dates & make sure we have accommodations.

With a post-wedding session, we can control the season,
weather, and schedule

Life happens, and it often happens in ways we can’t control. There are a number of factors that might prevent you from getting all the portraits that you hoped for on your wedding day. One of those factors might be that you’ve planned your wedding to happen after dark, which is common for fall or winter weddings. Another major factor might be that the weather isn’t cooperating. It may be very hot, cold, or raining too heavily to make the sort of photos you’re hoping for possible.
Although I’m always able to find ways to create beautiful portraits, no matter how challenging the circumstances, they may not be the type of photos you imagined if you love my outdoor portraits. With a post-wedding session, we can control the season, weather, and schedule. Sessions can be rescheduled if needed to accommodate the weather and we can shape the post-wedding session to fit our wants & needs*!
* If you’re planning a destination wedding with travel, there will be somewhat less flexibility but we’ll still rock it.
Are you ready for your post-wedding session now? Let’s plan it! Even if I didn’t take your wedding photos, I bet we can make some magic.