What's the theme for your Photoshoot?

The first thing you need to decide when planning your photo shoot is whether you want a theme, and, if you do, what that theme will be. Choose a theme that has meaning for you. Would it involve a particular place or time? Would it reflect some interest shared by the two of you? Would it be dreamy and romantic? Adventurous?


A pose list is s specific set of shots you want to incorporate into your photo shoot. Going into the shoot with a list saved on your phone or tablet will help make sure that you get all the pictures you want as you’re having your photo session. It will also help minimize chances of having all your photos look too much alike. You can bring saved photos of things you’d like to do with you to the shoot to give the photographer a clear idea of what you’re looking for.


Ask yourself what sort of background you want to be surrounded with in your photos. Do you want and urban feel, surrounded by the city? A museum? An outdoor location like a park, a lake, or a field of flowers?

Once you have an idea in mind, share it with us! Your photographer would be able to advise you on your best options or limitations related the location. Not only might the photographer be familiar with places that could be your ideal location, they can also advise you if there might be problems with the locations you chosen.

Sometimes people may suggest locations that are too far apart to be completed within the day. Or it could be that the tide conditions are not suitable for photoshoot at the beach. .


On their own, wedding clothes are usually black and white. Adding a pop of colour in the form of some prop is an excellent way lighten things up. Adding the softness of a bouquet of coloured flowers brings a bit sweetness to pictures taken in formalwear. Another possibility is that you could bring your picnic basket with colourful fruits, sandwiches, wine, and a picnic mat, and do a picnic shoot in the park.
Other props that serve the same purpose and can be very charming include elements like LOVE alphabets, chalkboards, or Mr. & Mrs. chairs.

Photoshoot destinations

It’s important to take the seasons and climate at your pre-wedding photoshoot destination into consideration. Not all destinations are equally suitable year-round. If you want to take advantage of the cherry blossoms in Japan, the time to be there is from March to May.

That’s also high season for tourism, which means that getting flights and accommodations will be more expensive, too. In Bali, however, the wedding season is typically in June. The weather is comparatively cooler relative to other ties of year, and hotel rates remains off-season as a result.

We once made the terrible mistake of flying in to Bali in April and discovered the hard way that was still during monsoon season. If you’re thinking about using a remote location and are unsure about when and how best to do it, just ask us and we will advise you the best times for a shoot.

Avoid using any new skincare

You should avoid using any new skincare products or getting a facial treatment for at least three three days before your photoshoot. If possible, you should have any treatments or grooming on your face done at least two weeks before your photoshoot. That time window will mean you have time to recover if you have a pimple outbreak or a skin allergy reaction. If you do happen to suffer from an allergic reaction, one quick way to soothe the irritation is to apply aloe vera gel on the affected area.

Wedding dresses

Wedding dresses and suits can be very expensive, but if you have the time and are willing to be a bit flexible, keeping an eye out for bargains can be an effective way to help keep those costs down and still find something you’ll love. Black Friday, the Christmas season, and end-of-season shifts can all be good times to find deals.

Different outfits

Your wardrobe for your photoshoot should generally include three different outfits; 1 casual outfit, 1 day gown/suit and 1 evening gown/suit. Bring along your box of accessories, so that you can mix and match your outfits depending on the location and the direction of the photoshoot.
For ladies, it’s often helpful to bring an extra silicon bra, because it tends to be less sticky when your body is sweaty. It’s also a good idea to bring along white or beige undergarments, because darker coloured items can show through your outer layers, especially when your gown is drenched.

Take good care of yourself

Most importantly, take good care of yourself! Planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful and draining for couples. Make sure you get enough sleep for the days preceding your shoot. Eat well, and make sure you get your exercise. Taking good care of yourself will not only reduce your overall stress levels, but it will make it easier to relax and have a good time during your photo shoot.

Wedding photographer

After the bridal couple, themselves, the wedding photographer is the next most important person on the big day, since they are an integral part of preserving the memories of your special day. How do you find the right wedding photographer for you? It all depends on your needs! You should consider the photographer’s artistic style and what the package includes. Be sure to discuss your ideas and plans with them, and have an honest conversation about what you have in mind. At the same time, be open to ideas and feedback from your photographer and let him/her know what you like. We are here to make your wedding day everything you want it to be!